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Ceramic Braces: It's Never Too Late To Get Braces as an Adult

Not so long ago, children usually had dental braces only if their family could afford them. Now adults are wearing dental braces in greater and greater numbers. And there's never been a better time to make this choice.

Dental braces are smaller, lighter, easier to clean and wear comfortably. A whole new world of orthodontic materials that work better and faster is available to us as adult braces . There are ceramic braces, invisible braces and many other choices for adults who want to improve their smile.

Ceramic braces offer a less-visible alternative to the more established metal braces. They blend in more with the natural color of teeth and may make the braces look more appealing. Ceramic braces may not be as strong metal and may require a longer treatment time.

Metal bands are only a memory. We use new plastics and bonding adhesives. Wire and brackets can be "super-glued" directly onto the teeth. There are some dental braces that seem "invisible."

Nitinol (thanks NASA!) is a new metal that retains its shape and is strong enough to withstand the force exerted by orthodontic appliances.

Moderate gaps can even be invisible with lingual braces glued to the back of the teeth.

If you think you need dental braces, or maybe you're interested in the visual appeal of ceramic braces, check out all your options, because there has never been a better time!

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